Firewood Pro-Tips

At Tulsa Firewood Co we want your overall firewood experience to be excellent and therefore we invest the time needed to teach you how to properly stack your firewood. Although the idea of stacking wood might seem to be an easy process there are many things that you want to consider before you begin stacking the Tulsa firewood that you just purchased from us for 50% off. If your wood somehow becomes wet, first and foremost you want to make sure that you stack your wood in a location that will receive as much direct sunlight as possible (this will keep your wood dry and ready to burn) so that the wood will dry out.

If you are stacking dry wood, you want to keep your Tulsa firewood away from getting any direct contact to the dirt, the soil and the earth. If you set your wood on the soil it will begin to actually absorb the moisture and it can even start to mold and you do not want to have moldy wood on your hands. If you must set your wood on the earth, we recommend that you would put a tarp down or something that will keep your wood from ever having direct contact with the soil to prevent your wood from becoming moldy.

The Proper Tulsa Firewood Stacking Mindset:

When you begin the process of actually stacking your wood, you want to make sure that you have the right mindset to wood stacking. You want to use at least two stickers which could be from something as easy as 2×4 lumber or anything that you can find that will create a good foundation for you to stack your Tulsa firewood on. As your diligently begin to stack the Tulsa firewood make sure that you stack your wood in a way that is stable to stack. Make sure that you are really mentally locked-in as you stack the wood so that it doesn’t begin to lean because if you make a massive stack of leaning wood this could lead to your stack of wood falling on its side.

How to Stack That Rack:

As you stack your Tulsa firewood you want to have a rack or you at least want to use some stacks to make sure that your wood is stacked vertical so that it can be stabilized. If you do not go out of your way to use flat-edge pieces of wood on the very end of your stack of wood, we STRONGLY recommend that you use flat-edge pieces of wood on the ends which you can stack in a criss cross pattern like you are building a log cabin to make the ends of your stack vertical.

Never Stack Your Wood Higher Than 4 Feet Tall to Avoid Tulsa Wood Stackage-Collapse:

Unless you are aiming to set some type of world-record it is very important that you never stack your stack of Tulsa firewood more than 4 feet tall or it will eventually begin learning and it will fall down which could cause bodily injury or immense frustration as you come home to discover that you have to restack your Tulsa firewood all over again.