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At Tulsa Firewood Co we believe in providing you the very best-selection of premium 50% off Tulsa quality firewood.

In fact we offer a wide variety of Tulsa firewood options including: pinion wood, mesquite wood, apple wood and other assorted firewood. We specialize in providing the citizens of Tulsa with premium wood that can be effectively used for barbecuing or for doing other types of cooking. To learn more about the premium Tulsa firewood that we offer we encourage you to click around our website or to stop on buy to pick up your Tulsa firewood today.

Why is the wood 50% off?

At Tulsa Firewood Co we believe that offering you wood at 50% less than the big box retailers just makes sense. Because we buy massive quantities of firewood we simply pass on the big-time savings to you so that you can enjoy the Tulsa firewood twice as much.


What is pinion wood?

Pinion wood is a premium and high quality dense wood that is actually a very slow growing hardwood pine wood that can be naturally found in the mountain regions of the United States of America including New Mexico. Although you do not want to grill using pinion wood, Pinion wood is a wonderful natural mosquito repellent. The smokey and slightly sweet smell and fragrance of the pinion wood is loved by everybody other than mosquitos and it is ideal for burning in a chiminea. Because pinion wood is filled with natural resins you really do not want to use pinion wood for grilling or cooking.

What is apple wood?

When burned apple wood is mild and has a slightly fruity flavor. If you are going to use apple wood for smoking meat it is ideal for the smoking of poultry, game birds, pork, seafood and even lamb. Apple wood is also commonly used in the creation of high-end furniture, specialty wood objects and even tool handles. However, we just sell apple wood for the purpose of burning.

What is mesquite wood?

For all of your foodies and grill masters out there in the Tulsa area, mesquite wood is really the best wood on the market for smoking dark meats such as Texas-style briskets, Tex-mex and wild game meat and the smoking of duck.



Tulsa Barbecue Wood 101:

When you are thinking of premium Tulsa BBQ wood we encourage you to think about Tulsa Firewood Co. At Tulsa Firewood Co we are proud to offer massive quantities of wood for the Tulsa, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow and Coweta area.

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When the Tulsa weather begins to turn cold, we want you to think of Tulsa Firewood Co because we pride ourselves on offering that variety and selection of Tulsa firewood that great Oklahomans like you have come to expect. We strive to sell you the highest quality firewood in the area so that you can count us to help keep your home warm throughout the cold winter months.